Lake Michigan Power Sports

205 Broadway, South Haven
Phone + TXT: 855.489.3618

143 Anchors Way, St. Joseph
Phone + TXT: 855.489.3618

Welcome to Your New Bintelli

Congratulations on your new Bintelli Beyond LSV. We’re happy to have you as a customer. Below are links to useful information about your new Bintelli LSV. If you have any questions or need assistance with anything, please give a call us at 855-489-3618 or use our contact us form.

Thanks again.
The Lake Michigan Power Sports Team

Useful Links


Customer Perks

Great customers deserve a few perks. When you purchase a new LSV, you’ll receive the following perks. Use promo code LMPS-LOYAL.

  • 10% off first winter storage – Oct 15 thru Apr 15
    • Outdoor w/cover & battery management – $295 + transportation if required
    • Indoor w/battery management – $395 + transportation if required
  • Customer Loyalty Program – 5% discount on Accessories & Retail Merchandise.
  • Referrals Program: Refer a friend, family member or associate, and receive $50 if they purchase a new LSV from us.
  • 10% off any 1 day or longer LSV or Boat Rental from our friends at GOJOE Rentals and Bluewater Boat Rentals. St. Joe or South Haven locations. **
* Drop off at our St. Joe location required. We can transport for an additional fee.
** Single use. Valid dates apply. Non-transferrable. Must book ahead at 25 or older to rent.